Coming Soon……

This is a preview of the first in a new series of 3 contemporary urban designs which will soon to be released by Designer Prims.  This home has a number of new features, the most notable being the interactive texture menu for the walls, floors and accent walls with a single easy to access menu. The style is modern, edgy and very urban, home owners will have a choice of brick, stone and concrete textures as well as the option to create contrasting accent walls at a simple click. The designer blinds are both functional, aesthetic and practical with open/closed or glass options and can be operated on a room by room basis.

The layout of this home is open, fresh and light, but manages to create a “what’s around that corner” feel. Skylights, full length feature windows, and a glass encased hallway leading you to the bedroom and bathroom wing. Contemporary lighting is strategically placed through out the home and can also be operated separately on a room by room basis from the light switches. Designed to rez over water, on a hill or on the flat, suitable for lots of different terrains.



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