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New Range Out Now at Designer Prims

My new collection is finally complete and includes two urban designer homes and one urban skybox.  All 3 have new features including the ability to switch textures by a simple touch, change the walls, floors, decks, accent walls.   Home owners are spoilt for choose, you can be as modern, urban or grunge as you feel, you will never be bored.  Check them out inworld here

Head In The Clouds

Walk In the Light


Head In The Clouds


This is the second in my new series and the inspiration for this design comes from an odd, but good, place.  A couple of years ago, I attempted to create a loft that looked just like this, but it didn’t work out.  A couple of years on, a little more experience, some good tools and viola, so for me it represents how I have grown in my SL field of choice.  I couldn’t be happier with it.

This one has a lots of choices in texture, from grunge to urban and will come with the option of purpose designed furnishings and accessories.