Monthly Archives: October 2010

Storage Baskets

New At Designer Prims, these versatile storage baskets are practical and cute. All of them have texture changing options, so you change the baskets, the cloth and the frames.  I have provided some empty ones and a few I have filled with goodies like bottles of wine, books and spare cushions. Visit Designer Prims today


Designer Prims Fabulous Freebie

This delightful little two level sky box is a Designer Prims Freebie, features include texture changing menu for walls, floors, ceiling and windows.  At 67 prims and sized 16×20 it is the perfect fit for a 512 parcel.  Lots of attention to detail in the tiny grills on the walls and the lighting, so lots of opportunity to lose a few prims if you need to.

Grab it here;

New & Super Cute

Slightly wrinkled blanket with lap top computer and accessories.

There are 21 fun animations in the blanket, all the animations are non static which means they actually provide movement.  So feet swing and fingers actually type on the keyboard.  There’s also lots of comfy lounging aound animations, so you can work on your laptop whilst your partner or friends lay back and drink your wine.

The easy one click menu brings up a simple menu which allows you to change the colours of the blanket and the cushions.  You can also touch the computer screen to change the desktop background.

So cute and lots of fun.

See it here;