I Give Up

Do what you want, say what you want, you are possibly the most manipulative person I believe I have ever come across, you are incredibly devious.   Your constant public attacks directed at me, deviously playing the smypathy card, to me you are utterly transparent.  

You drove me to stoop to your level, I won’t allow you that anymore, I can not compete with you on that.  But, you will not  intimidate me into submission anymore. So knock yourself out!

You really are an obsessed lunatic, when will you get this straight, I don’t know who you are in RL, who you work for or what you do, I never in my life made a single tweet or sent you a single email, not ever. I could not care less who you are, it’s not flattering that you direct almost every post you make at me,  it’s obsessive and you need some help, you are really really sick. Google cache to your hearts content, I don’t care about that either. BTW, you not the only one with records and evidence, I too have records of your threats, your friends threats, your cryptic SCD messages and your nasty posts……..google cache is my friend too!


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