Monthly Archives: February 2011

Updated Walk In The Light

Walk In the Light is part of Designer Prims Urban Influences range. 

I have just finished updating Walk In The Light for an up coming project, actually it’s a bit of an overhaul really. I’ve added a beautiful pool and patio area, with animations, so you can, float, tread water, sunbath, read a magazine and much more. I also updated the entire texture menu, adding new options for floors and accent walls and there are some new additions to the bathroom.

 If you have purchased Walk In The Light previously, please IM me with proof of purchase as you are entitled to a free updated copy 


Garden City Earthquake Relief

For The People Of Canterbury New Zealand

I’m a Kiwi girl and fiercely patriotic about this wonderful ‘Land Of The Long White Cloud’, New Zealand.
Like all kiwi’s I am shocked and devastated by Tuesdays 6.3 earthquake which struck the Canterbury region with such ferocity on Tues 22nd around lunch time.
I have seen the devastation of quakes on the world news in other counties; I have felt empathy and sadness. But this………this just feels so damn personal.
I can barely comprehend what has happened, the loss of life, the loss of culture and history, the hundreds of people left without homes and bare necessities.
Words fail me at this time, my heart breaks for you Canterbury.
The hearts of all Kiwi’s are with you at this time.

New Releases @ Designer Prims

So I’ve been a bit slack with blogging new stuffies at Designer Prims, 2 new homes released in the past few weeks, The Soho Loft and Fun In the Su, both have amazing selections of textures for walls and floors, which are accessible from the texture menu.

The Soho Loft, large spacious, open plan contemporary space, two levels, amazing sculpted sashed windows, comes with 2x fireplace & animated kitchen



Fun In The Sun, animated swimming pool and kitchen, contemporary design                     .


DING DONG The Witch Is Dead

Final days for There’s No Place Like Home hunt, if you haven’t all ready, get on down to Designer Prims and look for a little red shoe, it contains this fab little skybox, with texture change menu, some furnishings and all kinds of goodies.  Hunt Clue: If you take the stairs in the store, you’ve gone to far, look down.