Monthly Archives: March 2011

Designer Prims Has Moved

Designer Prims has now moved to a whole sim, which means lots of room, lots of prims and lots more creating :).  There’s a discounted platform for the older range, so check out the teleport information.  There is of course a couple of new homes and a new group gift.  See you there


Fist Pump Hunt -For the Love Of Architecture Skybox

Fist Pump Hunt is all about designers creating what they love, in either SL or RL.  My love has always been homes and architecture since I was a little girl.  Sooooo, in light of that, I built this little skybox for the Fist Pump hunt, it has a texture change menu, security, dreamy romantic bedroom, exposed beams and pipes.  You can pick up from Designer Prims Mainstore, you are looking for a little heart, there is a hint at the landing point and it’s easy peasy to find.  Best of all it’s free! Enjoy