Monthly Archives: April 2011

New @ Designer Prims -Converted Warehouse

Recently I caught up with a friend who is now living in a converted warehouse in downtown Auckland, I was so inspired by the building, I decided to make one.  The space urban inspired and full of charactor, lots of options to change the look of the home by using the texture change menu, check it our for yourself


Designer Prims Whimzical Garden Seat Free -The Whiz Hunt

The Whiz hunt started on the 15th and runs through to May 15. My contribution is this whimzical garden seat, with a ton of non static animations and lots of textures changes for the stone, cushions and flowers.  Get it now from Designer Prims

New @ Designer Prims

Metro Living, multi level contemporary style home with wrap around animated pool, texture change menu for walls, floors and internal walls, includes designer kitchen and bathroom.

Furniture available in world at Designer Prims