When Will It End

Recently Charlotte Barlett of Scarlet Creative made some very serious accusations on SL Universe forums, at this point I really don’t know if I can believe these things have happened to her or if she is making it up, either way she’s naming me, she has been threatening and harrassing me for years, enough is enough, today it stops!

A little background on the situation, Bartlett has harassed me relentlessly for years, I never fully understood why.  The catalyst I can pinpoint to an incident 2yrs ago over a texture I used and I just figured she was an obsessed insecure competitor, I have spoken about this in my blog previously, but I have never named her or her business. But this time she has pushed to me to my limit and beyond.

I’m tired of the slandering, tired of the cheap jabs, the cryptic threats, the direct threats via various forms of media. I have taken the high road every time, I have ignored her and refused to get into a humiliating public, bitch slapping fight, that would just be undignified.  The only thing I ever did wrong was snapshot a texture off a prefab I bought from Scarlet, at the time having no idea it was wrong but she hasn’t left me alone since.  I was not aware of Intellectual Property rights, I had never even heard of it. I thought second life was like real life, if I took a photo of something it was mine.

My design style is similar in genre to hers she clearly didn’t appreciate the competition and I think that’s what is really beneath all of this.  I don’t have a single clue about her RL identity, nor do I want to know.  I thought I could ignore her, I thought I could rest assured in my  own security and belief in who I am, I truly believed that her behavior over the years had said more about her than me. But this is too much.

Bartlett  and her cool kid friends had me utterly intimidated and terrified to log on to the grid for quite some time.  She intimidated me for a very long time, bullied, harassed and threatened me, I have every right to tell my side and it’s kind of therapeutic to write it all down.  After reading her SLU posts for the first time I was shocked, but now I’m just fed up and frustrated. If her version of events is true and someone has been doing this, then we are both victims in this, if it’s true she needs to look a little closer to home. But I can’t decide if she’s telling the truth, attention seeking or just nuts.  It’s probably worth noting that Barlett has been dropping hints on SLU since 2009, hints about police reports, hints about someone’s 5th  alt is about to be banned etc. etc., let it be noted I have NEVER been banned or spoken to by Linden Lab not ever.

Her Post:

Or read it directly from the forum here, she starts at post 64 and then really let loose at 75  http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/61224-screw-copy-botters-3.html

07-02-2011, 06:16 AM

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Charlotte Bartlett

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I wish it was about screwing too


I am past hinting (think you can probably tell)- and have privately lived through most of it without the majority of people being aware bar a few other creators/friends in SL and RL. That’s why this thread response was heartfelt on my end for the opposite reason – sometimes the bad guys track you down instead.

If you want the short version – Shelly got caught copying (over and over and over) and then went on a RL spree to get my details and contact my employer, clients and me. She falsified information, chat logs etc and got horribly scary for a long time.

If you want a more detailed version here it is – and I am sure I have left about 80% of what she did out.

“Shelly” (who has had about 11 alts over the last 2/3 years) got her first batch of accounts closed out (after infringement – mostly works of mine) and decided my RL was game.

Fair enough – copying etc it happens, people don’t necessarily understand copyright / SL (she has always stated “it’s just a game and creators are too precious” etc.)

She had purchased something from me (which is how she first come to know of me). I explained to her (very nicely I might add!) the background to content / creators / licences etc and thought it was resolved. She said she understood it was not ok if used for commerical gain – she was using my work in her designs. (For her private use she was welcome to it – I learnt the best way to deal that is treat it as a compliment weirdly via SLU and will be always grateful to Tara and others who gave me guidance).

Fast track a few months and I find my work is being screenshot, replicated prim by prim and used without my permission and used for commercial gain. She would also replicate parts of my collection and then sell it for a fraction of mine. Happy to post screenshots of the inspects etc. The icing on the cake was her using my logo too.

Perhaps this time not so fair enough – she felt she was competing and all it achieved was make me be more inventive in my work, add more features etc. Did it hurt – yes but I hoped she would soon get fed up with me if I didn’t give her attention.

She continued to try and get a reaction with things from joning my RFL team through to creating yet another alt (4 at within a few months) to stand on my sim and study my work to making nasty comments about me on the flogs (including that a friend was going to use a sim replication tool to rip off a “well known female prefab maker” etc etc) – all little pokes that on their own that were silly – but over a long period of time led me to withdraw hugely from things to avoid conflict.

Eventually after I think I had the 2nd major release line copied I drew a line in the sand and filed under DMCA as it was clear I was becoming an easy target.

That’s when hell began. It gave her my RL name and address.

First she started to fake chat logs that various creators were contacting her about me and saying I had hacked her machine through to Stroker (I think she was reading my posts on SLU as this was during his copyright issues with LL) and I were conspiring against her. That another creator had “bugged” her office in SL it went on and on in SL new account after new account.

It was the weirdest thing she would want me to know it was her as the alt always had the same RL picture (of her) or something to give it away in her profile. No matter how many times I banned and muted – there she would be again within a few weeks.

She joined Twitter, Facebook, Plurk to track my RL details and set up fake accounts to friend or follow me. She found blogs I used, and quickly set up fake posting names or searches to get details on me. One blog had something like 13 things from her across 2 different accounts in a few hours (and she didn’t realise her IP address adds on that blog so the different screen names didn’t fool the moderator). Again all screenshot and witnessed \ by multiple people (many who didn’t have a clue what SL was) who witnessed it first hand.

She found my work and personal email addy and there was a slew of emails with my name in and SL chat logs with me in there basically saying racist, homophobic, threats you name it. (That was fun trying to explain what SL was to people who didn’t know and the background). Unfortunately she didn’t realise that during the time these “chat log” were done I was sick in RL and in hospital after surgery so had no access to the internet.

It’s SL – I come to make houses and furniture, I learn stuff there, I have good friends for nearly 5 years now. I am a lurker mostly here as I am shy but love reading SLU and taking part when I can. I try to do no harm and support my customers/friends well. I love SL for all it’s faults and stupidity.

I Just don’t love this individual whom stalked, threatened and made me feel very fearful and small for a very long time.

Again she can flame / play innocent all she wants – I have everything evidenced / screenshot and the police report to back it up.

Now I will go back to ignoring it ❤

My Rebuttal point by point

– Most importantly is this point because she didn’t think this lie through very carefully. You do not receive the real life name of the person who has filed the DMCA, you do not receive the second life name of the person who has filed against you, you do not even get a reason as to why they have filed. Charlotte Bartlett did file DMCA’s after her endless harassment failed to achieve her objectives, I figured she were trying to get my RL info, trying to make me leave, I never countered for that reason. As even if you counter file there is STILL no information provided to you about who has filed. I assume if it gets as far as court proceedings you have to be notified then.

As crazy as it seems believe me it’s true and that is why it is so easy for the DMCA process to be abused by people who fight dirty like charlotte Bartlett. DMCA’s are anonymous, when you  receive one you don’t know who or where it is from, it’s just an email from lab and it says “someone believes you violated their IP”.  I know it was her because every time she does it she can’t help herself, she has to brag about it on the SLU forums and rub it in my face. She also threw in an insult about my work half down the page. She also claimed my sales were low volume, how could she have information regarding my sales?

  • Privately lived through this really!!! She told anyone who would listen, contacted people who wrote reviews on my products, contacted people who made comments on my flickr.  She  sure as hell was not living through any private hell, she contacted owners of groups I was in and told them I was copybotter to get me booted out.  I had a good friend contact me at one point because she’d rambled on for over two paragraphs of shit about me in an IM.  All she succeeded in doing was making herself look bat crazy.  She told another friend I’d become friends with him just to get at her, also told him I was a loony copybotter (does this sound like a sane person)
  • I have never had 11 alts, nor have I had an account closed or even received so much as a warning from LL.  I closed my first account Bella Posaner, because Barlett and her  friend Iota Ultsch IM’d and threatened me on an almost daily basis
  • I did snapshot a texture off a prefab I purchased from her and used it when I was learning, I had no idea it was wrong at the time
  • I was certainly inspired by her designs and admired her  as builder, it’s not a crime.  She  most certainly did not take this as a compliment, instead she IM’d and threatened me with a subpoena and then had her friend Iota Ultsch contact me.
  • Never ever have I replicated her builds prim by prim, that is an outright lie and why on earth would I use her logo, I have my own logo, my brand is reasonably established, why the hell would I use hers.  I’ve had my own group of 400+ members for the last 1.5years, they know my logo, that statement is inconceivable to me
  • I joined her RFL team, I’d freaken love to see evidence of that one, I didn’t even know she had an RFL team.  …….or was it one of my 11 alts, could be one of them.
  • Standing on her sim studying her work, talking about sim replications.  Absolute fabricated nonsense, was I using one my alts with my RL photo in it?
  • Copied two of your major releases, again absolute bullshit, I have every house I’ve ever built on my sim and not one of them is a replication of any of hers
  • Faked chat logs, I’ve never distributed any of the nasty IM’s I got from her, let alone faked them, I don’t even have any, I wish I did.
  • Her friend Iota Ultsch IM’d me and told me my computer had been hacked, REALLY, she knows full well she did? That one went to email as I was off line, I still have it.

5:28] Iota Ultsch: Hi Bella, nice to see you’re still untreated for multiple personality disorder with a penchant for copyright infringement…don’t you know you have been hacked and are the laughing stock of SL? Can’t you get some pills for your condition?

[5:31] Iota Ultsch: Everybody knows you are Kyle and Fanny Adams on the blogs – including Stroker and Tenshi…it’s been fun taking the piss out of your stupidity in IMS…can’t you do something about your mental situation? LMAO!

Iota Ultsch claims to be a RL architect, interior designer and known fashion designer apparently her SL design are copies of her RL collection from Paris and Milan……..yeah sure they are Iota ;). There’s also an interesting little post here, by Iota regarding her views on SL and RL copyright.

  • Told people my office was bugged, people, what people?. WTF, this one really baffled me, I’ve never had an office further more that claim is just really over the top, even for Bartlett, but I guess you had to make me look like a paranoid loon as well as a stalker
  • Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, according to her I already had RL details so why would I need to do this.  I have never used twitter, I have an account I have never used, I don’t even know the log in.  I have one FB account, it’s my RL FB and I would certainly never associate it with anything to do with SL , sure has hell wouldn’t want her to see it.  Plurk, more bullshit, I think I have a plurk account, it’s never been used.
  • Fake accounts on flogs and blogs, more bullshit, if that happened it sure as hell was not me, I don’t care what the IP address is and why does she have my IP address?
  • Contacting her work and personal emails, saying people are conspiring against me………..really!!! If she really got those emails ffs have them traced, they are nothing to do with me.  I don’t know where she works, what she does or who her boss is.  Furthermore, if I had all this info I’d say I was pretty darn good at tracking her down, how come I didn’t know she was sick in hospital at the time these emails were sent.  In one IM Bartlett told me that SL was her RL income, now she has a boss???  I have also assumed that as SL is her income, she was trying to protect it and remove me from the competition.
  • And the one that truly has me in stitches is the alts with my RL life pic, really, do you think if I was going to stalking her, I’d actually put my RL pic on the accounts……seriously!!! But I guess throwing that in there makes me look insane as well as obsessed stalker fan, right.
  • Rating myself on the market place…… why is she even reading my reviews on the marketplace, she’s STILL doing this, not sure if she’s still contacting people or not, if she is I apologise to customers, please mute her.  And was this my 12th alt, this review alt?
  • Last but not least, of course I know my IP address is recorded, I have managed my own blog (THIS ONE) for years, how could I not know that.

It’s worth noting that I was contacted within SL by Creativedreams Zsun who Charlotte was also threatening. This poor girl had created a plastic type chair and Charlotte felt it resembled something she’d made. She used the same threats on her has she used on me “I will pursue you publically and legally unless you remove your ban” Creativedreams had banned Charlotte (as you would) from her land, when Charlotte contacted her demanding the chair be removed. I am pretty damn sure Charlotte knows you can not copy right a chair FFS!

And here’s a list of all the shit I’ve put up with from Charlotte Bartlett since February 2009, I am no longer holding back!

Most Damning – contacted my Alt and addressed her by my real life name, told me she was filing a criminal complaint in my country of residence and that she was using Stroker Serpentines lawyer to pursue these legal procedures to prevent me from using the second life platform. She ended her IM with “it stops today”. Big threats, this woman fights dirty. Clearly I’m still here, haven’t been carted off to jail or banned from the grid.

-threatened me with public shaming and legal action over a texture I used once “I will pursue you publically and legally” (incidentally she used this line on a lot of people, seems I am not the only person she’s threatened)

-falsified and countless legal DMCA’s stating my designs were replications of hers, they were NOT and I have proof of that.  At this point she wanted my RL info. Eventually I did  ignore her threats and counter filed, after that it never happened again. Please note, you are never told who has filed the DMCA, I knew it was her because she couldn’t help rubbing my face in it and bragging about it

By the way this design is MINE, I released it on the 21st of Oct 2011, she copied my design  and released it on the 24th of Oct She then unbelievably filed DMCA against my design and 3 others. It was at this point I counter filed, she had pushed and pushed until I reached breaking point, I was not going to allow her to steal my designs on top of everything else. As you can see my design is still there. She never took any action to my counter file and ALL my work was reinstated.

-stalked my land almost daily IM’d me and threatened me every time I built something she thought resembled her style. (this was before I had a full sim and could estate ban her)

-Set up house with an alt next to my then parcel, befriended me and started to ask some weird questions that eventually gave away her identity.

-I moved,  she found me and she regularly lurked on the perimeter of my land, I’d often log on just in time to catch her disappear from radar.

-Accused me of stealing her stone texture when she realised it was NOT hers, she accused me of stealing from istock and altering it via PS, a programme I don’t nor have ever had.

-She then threatened me telling me she’d been in contact with istock lawyers regarding my “theft” and telling me I’d be hearing from them soon. Of course I never did hear from Istock

-had her friends (colecity lights) buy my products online, IM me, harass me, demand a refund and rate them badly, even making comparisons to her designs in those reviews and naming her store as better, it was pretty damn blatant.

-recorded and distributed my IP address, or what she thinks is my IP address, not sure I’ve never seen what she has. She apparently distributed my IP address to blogs and forums so I could be easily identified if I tried to post anything about her. (paranoid much charlotte)

-She attempted to get RL information about me from my ISP provider. She actually posted this in the Second Life Universe Forums, I don’t know where now. She was making one of her cryptic threats and she said “I am due information next week from an ISP provider which will allow me to make this person accountable in RL for her SL actions”.  (of course this was also a hollow threat intended to intimidate)

-sent cryptic threats via SCD (check the fourth post) this was just after Charlotte blatantly purchased a bed from my MP store under her main acc.

-left horrible comments on this blog

-Had her friends threaten me and tell me my computer was hacked and “didn’t I know I was being tracked”

-She has contacted owners of groups I belonged to and told them I was a copybotter to get me booted out

-She has contacted people who rated my products on the market place and on my flickr and slandered me, telling them I’m a theif, suggesting they shouldn’t buy from me

-I had one customer contact me very upset because Charlotte had contacted her, told her I was a thief, told her I had copied her work and told her that if she used the design she purchased from me she could have legal problems.  She told the customer court proceeding were going to occur and implied she could be involved in the court case. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to deal with that, fortunately this customer wasn’t a fool and was not intimidated by Charlottes threats.

-She rambled on for over two paragraphs to one of my friends he barely got a word in.  She contacted another friend of mine convinced we’d become friends to get at her and told him her wild stories of copybotting and stalking. Of course this was her living through her hell privately. As it turns out this person turned her down on a business proposal and she didn’t like it. She then tried to turn him against me, you will know him he is a very very well known designer for SL.

-spread lies that my accounts had been banned because I was a copybotter, I have never been banned or received so much as a warning from LL and I have certainly never used a copybot client.

-most damningly of all and most recently, found out the name of my alt and broadcast it in a notice to her group.  What’s most interesting is that I am the ONLY person who knew who my alt was…..me and LL.  She IM’d my alt and told me ‘she was told this was my account’.  I find it concerning that she clearly has affiliations with Linden Lab who pass her this information.  It has long been surmised in certain circles that she has Linden moles, but this confirms it. I hope the source has covered tracks, that has to be a sackable offence

-Contacted my alt and called her by my first life real name, that’s creepy

-Threatened me saying she had contacted the police regarding me stalking her, told my friends she was logging their conversations and they’d be added to the said police reports

-Used my business name in her search terms (I took snapshots), not criminal but certainly bloody unethical.

-She has been posting subtle and no so subtle posts aimed at me on SLU since 2009 regarding police reports and hinting that I will be banned from SL ( I’ve never been banned)

-Signed up to alternative grids using my name ‘Elle Crescendo’, fortunately the owners of the grid were incredibly helpful and turned my name back over to me.

-She tried to Impersonate someone called Bailey on SCD, she accused me of being Bailey here   when she said “You post as Baily on SCD right? Or is that a figment of all our imagination. Not long after that this comment popped up on SCD comments go down to the 5th comment posted by Bailey.

*I wonder who the “our” are in “all our imaginations” is it the collective voices  in her head or is it her and friends gathering around the cauldron for another witch hunt

A while ago Bartlett did one of those ”I’m leaving SL”  threads  and made an exit from the grid with the usual drama of someone who announces they’re leaving but really have no intention of doing so.  She made a big deal about how her items would be sold on the market place and the proceeds would fund a non-profit sim for artists, this would be out of the goodness of her heart and it would be free.  As far as I know this never happened and soon she was back selling commercially. She reopened her store and within weeks of doing so, she filed DMCA notices on 4 of my designs. I whole heartily believe that Bartlett is trying to ruin my business, eventually the lab will ban you if you they perceive you are breaching copyrights regularly.

It’s also important to note that when first started out I was selling my homes for around 850L at the time she was selling hers for 20,000L and more (no that’s not an extra zero). She believed I was deliberately selling my houses cheap, I was not, I was learning to build, I genuinely just wanted people to like them, I had no interest in making much money.  But she did, in one IM she said “I know SL is a game to you, but to me it’s my RL source of income”

Since this post, Bartlett IM’d my alt inworld and called her by my  first life real name, she advised me she had engaged Stroker Serpentines lawyer and she was filing a criminal complaint against me, she said her lawyer would be requesting the lab restrict my SL usage for abusing the TOS. Nothing ever came of that, just another threat and attempt at intimation. (2011)

That’s mostly it from my perspective.  Charlote does what she does in the background, she’s very calculated and she’s very manipulative, she’s also very clever and from the outsiders perspective, butter wouldn’t melt. I felt it was fair enough to defend myself this time, as this has  been going on for a very very long time, I’ve tried to ignore, kept quiet, hoped she’d go away.  If she thought I was going to keep quiet this time………… she’d better think again! She is a liar and a bully and I will not be silenced by intimation any longer.

Some interesting links I found about her




http://www.flickr.com/photos/pradprathivi/2585295697/  This one is a great insight to just how prissy Charlotte really is, this is really quiet ridiculous and what a fuss over nothing, a few copied doors on a temporary design.

Modavia Productions: She made a public fuss at last years Fashion Week, when she said Modavia Productions had breached her copyrights. She built their set for fashion week and they copied a shutter window, she posted a rant to flickr, Saying they had copied unique designs of hers she uses for her commercial portfolio, she said this breached her copyright and that this was the second time she’d had issue with this company.  She said they had declined to pay for the licence which would have allowed them to copy the builds they bought from her. She withdrew the rights for them to use ALL her builds until they made a public apology to her, disrupting the entire show.

and this, seems bartlett has caused issues for others too, surprised I don’t get the credit for this


Here in the comments, someone named Choo Qinanv had an issue with bartlett, seems it was over another chair that bartlett thinks no one but her can build, she’s accused Choo of hiring copybotters to steal her textures and designs.  The builder went on to demonstrate on youtube how simple the chair was make in blender. This goes way back to 2008, so she’s been doing this a long time.


Following here is a rather nasty comment right at the bottom of the page, long before my time, demonstrating that there is more than 1 person who has had issue with this individual.


So come to your own conclusions, I’ve dealt with this long enough and it was time I documented my side instead of taking this lying down and letting her get away with it.


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