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All my life I have loved houses, my sister and I would beg Mum and Dad to stop every time we saw an open home.  As we got older my sister and I would visit open homes just for the fun of it and for inspirational ideas.  Now days I make the homes I like and the designs I’ve had in my imagination for years, finally come to fruition.

All around the world white is synonymous for its simplicity, clarity and cleanity. I love simple minimalist design, clean lines and open spaces. I will often see a photo of a room and in my mind I see what the rest of the house looks like or what I imagine it would be like. This is the source for many of my designs.

My latest range ‘Fortitude’ is no exception.  Recently a friend sent me a bunch of house designs pics, I choose one room from each design and designed each new home around that one room.

They are ‘Lift Your Spirits’ ‘Retribution’ and ‘Attainment’

You can see them inworld or purchase from the market place 🙂

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