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New @ Designer Prims Only 50L

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At a crazy 50L New York New York is bargin, a cute little home that is comfortable in the sky as a sky home or on the ground.  This home has two balconies with French doors leading from the bedroom and living area to the balcony. French windows and baked light shadows, this home is a welcome addition to any setting.  There is a small garden with grass and lined with  Italian Cypress trees and I have even included the NY Bus Scroll.

Available inworld here

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From Concept…

Into Fruition

In an earlier post I mentioned my source of inspiration often comes from a single image of one room.  So I thought I’d show you how a design evolves from concept to fruition.  Below is a photo I happened across on the internet, when I saw this room, I immediately imagined this house on the edge of a lake, I imaged it would be a rectangular shaped house encased in large class windows to take in the lake views. I saw floor to ceiling windows all along the lake side of the house, I saw a home taking advantage of this beautiful view in everypossible way. This is what I came up with Designer Prims The Lake House.