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Contentment At Last

The past 12 months have been hard for me, suffering from depression, something I’m not prone to, but with the estrangement of my son, times have been rough.  Having my beautiful son back in my life has given me a new lease on life and has indeed completed me.  Second Life has been a safe haven for me, somewhere I could hide out when the seemingly big bad world was to much for me.  For the most part it’s been a god send, although not without  trial, there were times Second Life was not a safe place for me and it was at times unhealthy for me to log on.  I had to walk away from my lap top and the world outside seemed a safer place.  The last thing I needed was to be fearful in a place I needed peace.   However, I’ve come through it all, inworld and out, I am at peace in both worlds.  Never allow others to bring you down or make you question who you are, in any realm. There is a way through, it’s a long road, but one worth walking.

With that said, this home represents a turning point for me, I have enjoyed building it in peace and serenity without the trials of the past.  Contentment is a beautiful two level home, with a lovely patio area that has a calming relaxing ambiance, texture change menu and an animated swimming pool.  Come see

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Hunt Freebies @ Designer Prims

I am happy to be part of  3 Amazing grid wide hunts, Couch Patatoe2, Happy Feet and Unthemed hunt. You will find a notecard near the landing point with all the hints you’ll need to collect these goodies

New @ Designer Prims

Madison Skybox, is a spacious skybox with living areas and large bedroom space and two patios. Baked light shadows give a beautiful ambience to this space.  It has an interactive one click texture menu, change the floors walls and doors so you can change the look and feel of the home in an instant. Included in the texture menu is a graffiti wall and a grunge wall, you can also choose no grunge and no graffiti.

The window sill in the living area is animated, so you can sit, read or lay in the sun, it sits two AV’s.

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