Simply Black & White

I bought my first RL house back in the 80’s, I had it built for me, which meant I got to choose everything, from walls, floors, fittings and kitchen down to the colour of the window framing.  Back then the trend was all about pastels and florals, but I rebelled the trend and went with black and white, I’ve always loved the striking contrast of pure white against black.  The building company was so impressed with the black and white kitchen I designed they featured it in their marketing brochure.

I’ve been through many phases and trends in RL decorating and renovating, Mediterranean, even a brief stint of shabby chic, but I have always favoured a neutral pallet. I maintain it’s simple to toss a few coloured cushions and accessories into the mix, but not so simple to repaint a room. In RL I am known for wearing any colour as long as it’s black haha!

So it would seem things have gone full circle and I find myself once again leaning toward black and white.  Of course if black and white is not your thing, there is the texture change menu so you can create your own accent walls; I have gone with the black  and gray accents in this series of pics.

Urban Retro Prefab; now available at designer prims in world or on the maket place, come see;

Slurl: Single

Market Place:

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