Back To Black

This event is so personal to me and I can’t thank the team at Chic Management enough for being so forth coming about the material.

On the 11th of February Chic Management opens its doors for a very special event, an awareness champagne for Mental Health.  I have personally suffered with clinical depression on and off for many years, often completely unaware of it, I was just depressed ,that’s normal right?  Well I thought so for a very long time.

Designers have been given a special inspirational word and have been asked to create original content based on the inspirational word.  I was given Comfort, which is perfect for me in more ways than one.  After a long struggle comfort is what I have found.  As a prefab designer comfort was the perfect inspiration for me, because during my darkest hours home was always the place that afforded me the most comfort.

Designers are also given the option to share their personal experience if they wish, I have chosen to give a very candid recollection of my own private struggle and how I overcame it, I have written up a note card and it comes with both of items at the event.  My wish is that by doing so I can give at least one person hope.

This is an event, it’s not a freebie hunt,  I have elected to give any and all proceeds of my design to charity, even if you don’t make a purchase please visit the Back To Black event, there is a ton of information available and I’ve included an inspiration freebie which also contains my personal story.

I also want to thank Keira Seerosev and Chic Management for their passion and bravery and for delivering this incredibly important message to the community.

Opens Feb 11th

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