New @ Designer Prims Serendipity

A few weeks back a lovely customer (Paniagua Rubble) came to me to discuss a custom build I simply could not resist.  I am a little fussy about accepting custom work, mainly because I want to be certain I can deliver to the expectations of the client.  In this case the genre was a perfect fit and Paniagua was wonderful to work with, she knew what she wanted and she articulated it perfectly.  She provided me with pics and a cute little model to make my job a breeze.  We worked together and came up with Serendipity, Paniagua has her very own personalized verson of the home but she was kind enough to allow me to retain the intellectual property rights to the design and therefore I am able to offer it to you. A  big heartfelt thanks to Paniagua xx

Designer Prims Serendipity is a contemporary designer home, surrounded with floor to ceiling glass. This is the perfect home to set over the sea or lake because the animated infinity pool meets perfectly with sea level.

There is a texture change menu for walls and floors and you can create accent walls to make it your own or change your mind as often as you like. Deep foundations allow you to rez this over any terrain. Animated kitchen & bathroom are included.

You can find it here on the Market Place:

Or here inworld:

Elle Crescendo

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