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Designer Prims Makeover

I often update, makeover and just generally shoosh some of my older builds, mainly because they catch my eye and I find them somewhat cringe worthy by the standard of my work today.  So this weekend I looked at the Sunny Side Villa, a little house with great bones and I decided she deserved a make over.  I have trimmed off a few prims, included a texture change menu for the walls, floors and accent walls, animated the pool and updated the designer blinds.

I must confess I have far more fun renovating my SL designs than I do my RL house, I just finished plastering and gib stopping the bathroom of my RL villa, SL makeovers are much more fun, way less messy and so much quicker 🙂

See the villa and all the dets here;

Market Place:


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Two New Hunts @ Designer Prims

Designer Prims is participating in two hunts this month, two hunts = two free limited edition prefabs.  Hints are available at the landing point, have fun 🙂

Fist Pump With The Best 2:

Make Home Over:


Elle Crescendo