Poor Charlotte (Cyber Bullying)


You may have read about Charlotte Dawson and her stand against cyber bullying esp if you are from down under like I am.  Charlotte originally from New Zealand recently outed a cyber bully/troll who made unacceptable remarks regarding suicide and Charlotte called her out on it.   This encouraged the troll to tell Charlotte she should kill herself. Charlotte tracked the troll down to her place of work and confronted her, she also contacted her employer, resulting in the troll’s suspension from her place of employment.  Sadly this resulted in hundreds of nasty tweets aimed at Charlotte, from people who felt she shouldn’t have outed this low life.  It seems it was all too much for Charlotte and she was hospitalised yesterday.

Despite the fact that Charlotte was somewhat unpleasant about her Homeland, which also happens to be mine, I want to congratulate Charlotte.  This is subject very personal to me and dear to my heart because I have been the victim of cyber bullying myself, by a very malicious, devious and particularly vicious individual who was utterly relentless in her quest.  You can simply turn off your computer, however when you have a business that is perpetuated in some aspects by social media, it’s not quite so easy to do and frankly why the hell should you.  It was frightening and intimidating and I wish I’d had the courage Charlotte has demonstrated.   I know how this feels, it’s awful.  I wish Charlotte all the very best and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

This is and example of what can happen when bullys and trolls go to far, it’s a very real phenomenon and I for one will be extremely happy to see laws around this stuff and for these sorts individuals to be made accountable in real life for their actions on the internet.  There is one thing you can take comfort in and that’s this; cyber bully’s and trolls have far to much time on their hands, they are insecure cowards who really ought to get a life!


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