Pieces Of Me (behind the avatar)

This blog has primarily been dedicated to new product releases for Designer Prims so for a change I thought I’d share a little of both my worlds with you.

It was the architecture which drew me to Second Life and it has been architecture which has kept me there for 4 years.  Unlike real life, second life architecture is not site specific, we are not designing a build around the fall of the land or the direction of the light. Instead the land in SL forms around the design, defined by the land owner, making it incredibly flexible and variable, that’s the beauty of our second world. SL defies gravity making the only limitations our own, we do anything we can imagine.  For as long as I can recall I have designed houses using my imagination, as a child I loved to explore buildings especially modern ones and I’d fall asleep at night dreaming up a house.  So SL was the perfect opportunity to bring those designs to fruition.

My RL is certainly no reflection of my second life, I work as a Finance Coordinator and up until about 2 weeks ago I lived in an old 1950’s bungalow, with old polished floorboards, wooden window frames and  high stud ceilings.  A complete contrast to the homes I design in SL.  Over a period of about 5 years I renovated my old bungalow to a modern contemporary style and filled it with modern/contemporary furnishings. I sold my old bungalow 8 weeks ago, I was so pleased the lady who bought it loved it and it didn’t go to an investor but rather someone who would appreciate it. I bought a modern, almost new house in the country about 45mins drive from the city and I confess I absolutely love the new life style and so does my partner and my two cats.

I decorated my new living space around a contemporary piece of art I purchased specifically for the new house, taking inspiration from the black, white, red and the rustic wood.  I decided on the focal point of the room, the style I wanted and gave some thought to how the space would be used and took it from there.  The distressed white washed wood furniture pieces work well with the rustic wood slats in the art piece and I’ve always been a fan of black & white so that was a simple choice.  The red accents add a point of interest to the room and a splash of colour.  By beginning with a neutral pallet for the key pieces I can easily change the accents in the room and create a whole new feel.  I’m still looking for the perfect rug and a few bits and bobs but I’m almost there.

My next design will be named after this blog post ‘Pieces of Me’, it will be an eclectic mix of old and new, a little bit of a reflection of my life to date, I hope.  The following collage is comprised of photos of  my real life and the loft which I’m using as my inspiration for a new SL design.


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