Monthly Archives: June 2013

I’m so humbled

Since closing my in world store I have had some really lovely IM’s and a few questions, I just want to take a moment to respond.

Firstly I am so incredibly humbled by your messages of support and thanks, you let me know you enjoyed my work and that was always my second life objective, to create work that you loved, was affordable for everyone and would be appreciated. I can’t tell you my sense of amazement the first time someone bought one of my designs. To those of you who took the time to NC and IM me I can’t thank you enough, it really means the world to me.

I closed Designer Prims in world store because I simply ran out of time and passion, I believe my very best work came from a time when I was incredibly driven and passionate about creating and I loved it as a hobby.  But as Designer Prims grew in popularity so did my sense of obligation to continually produce new work, keep up with competitors, and manage the sim and customer support.  I work a full time job in real life and  eventually Second Life  didn’t feel like a hobby anymore and I knew it was time to start winding it down. It was a decision I am at peace with.

New designers, please be encouraged, you can be successful in Second Life for as long as like. Designer Prims was always a going concern,  it grew over several years, it started out on one little parcel and grew from there. The sky is the limit really, keep persisting, believe in your product, love what you do, actively market, keep learning and most important, be amazing to your customers. Put every little $L you make back into your business, into tier and the very best tools you can afford for your trade and just enjoy it.

It’s entirely possible I will create again for Second Life, I’m not ruling it out all together, but for now I will enjoy popping in every now and then to see the wonderful amazements that continue to grow in Second life.