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I’m so humbled

Since closing my in world store I have had some really lovely IM’s and a few questions, I just want to take a moment to respond.

Firstly I am so incredibly humbled by your messages of support and thanks, you let me know you enjoyed my work and that was always my second life objective, to create work that you loved, was affordable for everyone and would be appreciated. I can’t tell you my sense of amazement the first time someone bought one of my designs. To those of you who took the time to NC and IM me I can’t thank you enough, it really means the world to me.

I closed Designer Prims in world store because I simply ran out of time and passion, I believe my very best work came from a time when I was incredibly driven and passionate about creating and I loved it as a hobby.  But as Designer Prims grew in popularity so did my sense of obligation to continually produce new work, keep up with competitors, and manage the sim and customer support.  I work a full time job in real life and  eventually Second Life  didn’t feel like a hobby anymore and I knew it was time to start winding it down. It was a decision I am at peace with.

New designers, please be encouraged, you can be successful in Second Life for as long as like. Designer Prims was always a going concern,  it grew over several years, it started out on one little parcel and grew from there. The sky is the limit really, keep persisting, believe in your product, love what you do, actively market, keep learning and most important, be amazing to your customers. Put every little $L you make back into your business, into tier and the very best tools you can afford for your trade and just enjoy it.

It’s entirely possible I will create again for Second Life, I’m not ruling it out all together, but for now I will enjoy popping in every now and then to see the wonderful amazements that continue to grow in Second life.





Designer Prims Closing Down – HUGE SALE – Nothing over 99L

Hello everyone I have decided to close down my in world store, at this point in time I am just not able to give 100% of myself or my passion to design and customer service and I have always felt that my customers deserve no less than all I can give.  So with that said it’s time to close the sim, it’s time and I am at peace with the decision I’ve made.

So of course a huge sale is in order, you will find all new and mesh prefabs for 99L, all furnishings and accessories are 50L or less.  This will only last a few days before the sim closes for good, so go grab a bargain while you can.

I can’t thank you all enough for your support, your loyalty and your custom over the last 3 years, I have loved every moment of designing and working with you all.


Lots of love

Elle xx

Designer PrimsSIM SHOT

Designer Prims Hunt Gift (out now)


Designer Prims Little Getaway (100% Mesh)

cold winter

Designer Prims is happy to be part of the Cold Winters Night hunt. This is not a freebie hunt but for a mere 10L you can pick up this cute little getaway. Features include on/off shutters, texture change menu for floors and brick, built in shelving and accessories and super low prims. The hint is near the landing point

HINT: Where waves crash and sunbeams hit the ground there is treasure to be found


New stuffs are coming


Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday or maybe, like me, you’re still on holiday ;).

I really haven’t been around SL much since I moved out to the country, I’ve been super busy with life and then I was lucky enough to have my Son, Grandson and Daughter In-Law stay with me for 2 weeks.  Now the house is quiet and I realised with horror I had a hunt item to make for the 15th of Jan.

I love mesh I really do, but I have a love hate affair with it, it really does allow for decadence in design and it allows me to build things I’ve always wanted to incorporate into my homes. In the past when I’ve used vintage door and window frames I’ve used sculpted prims, purchased from other creators, mesh allows me to make my own and make them how I want them. Recently I got to indulge my love affair with shutters.  But I do find it terribly time consuming when I compare it to prim building, what once took me a few days seems to take weeks and I lose momentum sometimes.

But, I have been busy for the last few days, I have completed a new design for Cold Winter Nights hunt, the hunt starts on Jan 15th so mark your calendars because after the hunt it will be a retail item. I also hope to finally finish and release Pieces of Me, which I started um……several months back L.

So stay tuned, bear with me, new stuffs are on their way.



Pieces Of Me (behind the avatar)

This blog has primarily been dedicated to new product releases for Designer Prims so for a change I thought I’d share a little of both my worlds with you.

It was the architecture which drew me to Second Life and it has been architecture which has kept me there for 4 years.  Unlike real life, second life architecture is not site specific, we are not designing a build around the fall of the land or the direction of the light. Instead the land in SL forms around the design, defined by the land owner, making it incredibly flexible and variable, that’s the beauty of our second world. SL defies gravity making the only limitations our own, we do anything we can imagine.  For as long as I can recall I have designed houses using my imagination, as a child I loved to explore buildings especially modern ones and I’d fall asleep at night dreaming up a house.  So SL was the perfect opportunity to bring those designs to fruition.

My RL is certainly no reflection of my second life, I work as a Finance Coordinator and up until about 2 weeks ago I lived in an old 1950’s bungalow, with old polished floorboards, wooden window frames and  high stud ceilings.  A complete contrast to the homes I design in SL.  Over a period of about 5 years I renovated my old bungalow to a modern contemporary style and filled it with modern/contemporary furnishings. I sold my old bungalow 8 weeks ago, I was so pleased the lady who bought it loved it and it didn’t go to an investor but rather someone who would appreciate it. I bought a modern, almost new house in the country about 45mins drive from the city and I confess I absolutely love the new life style and so does my partner and my two cats.

I decorated my new living space around a contemporary piece of art I purchased specifically for the new house, taking inspiration from the black, white, red and the rustic wood.  I decided on the focal point of the room, the style I wanted and gave some thought to how the space would be used and took it from there.  The distressed white washed wood furniture pieces work well with the rustic wood slats in the art piece and I’ve always been a fan of black & white so that was a simple choice.  The red accents add a point of interest to the room and a splash of colour.  By beginning with a neutral pallet for the key pieces I can easily change the accents in the room and create a whole new feel.  I’m still looking for the perfect rug and a few bits and bobs but I’m almost there.

My next design will be named after this blog post ‘Pieces of Me’, it will be an eclectic mix of old and new, a little bit of a reflection of my life to date, I hope.  The following collage is comprised of photos of  my real life and the loft which I’m using as my inspiration for a new SL design.

Designer Prims Hunt Freebies

It’s been a while since I participated in any hunts mainly because mesh goodies take so long to make and I’ve run short on time. But making up for lost time I am excited to show you items from two hunts I’m involved with currently.  Be quick because one is about to end and I forgot to blog it, so I’ll leave it out a little longer to make up for my utter slackness 🙂

What Do You Sell Hunt – Closes 03/09

The Cookie Jar Falling Leaves Hunt – 3rd Oct to 24th

New Release – Luxury Home

With Aroha (Love)

If you read this blog you will likely know that I’m from New Zealand, Aroha is Maori for love and it seemed liked an apt name fo rthis home because all my designs come from a place Aroha.

‘With Aroha’ is my second mesh design it is an open plan,spacious and airy home, which lends itself beautifully to natural light. It’s modern and contemporary but still utilises some cozy little corners like the book nook.

The outdoor area is perfect for entertaining, with two patio areas, one for lazy days by the pool and the other is great for BBQ’s and bubbles.

Almost everything is fully animated the pool, book nook, ladder, kitchen and outdoor furniture (which is included).  There is a texture change menu so you can change the textures of the windows, floors, patio, brick, garden furniture, window seat and accent wall. So you can really customise this design to your own tastes either by cycling through the preordained textures or adding your own to the menu.

The house is only 53 prims, it will rez at 122 prims with the book nook (including books, cushions and accessories), kitchen, plants (patioand back of stairs) and outdoor furniture.  All of these things are not linked and considered accessories so you can simply delete them if you have no use for them or are prim conscious.

More Info here:

View Inworld:

Or online at the Market Place:

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New Release – Mesh Loft

Romantic Loft Space 100% Mesh – Includes Furniture Pack

It feels like I’ve been working on this design for months, but it’s really only been a few weeks. Learning 3D mesh is the most challenging thing I’ve done in my 4 Years of Second Life, but it’s well worth it.  Designer Prims Romantic Loft Space has huge feature windows with optional mesh blinds, semi wrap around balcony, exposed beams and lots of streaming sunlight. Baked shadows give this home a beautiful realistic ambiance. It is perfect for your small to average size plot.  And the best part the house is only 20prims, the house will rez with the center division book shelf (8 Prims) but it’s not linked, so you can delete it if you don’t require it.

The house is 30×16 and will fit a 1024 plot or larger

You can find it here;

Market Place:


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Renovation Innovation – MESH

Never one to be left behind in this innovative environment we call our Second Life, I’ve spent some time learning a whole new method of building, 3D Blender modelling. I’m the first to admit I don’t like change, however, I dislike missing out and being left behind far more than I dislike change and one the most important aspects of design is staying on top of innovation. I knew when I started to understand the intricacies of 3d modelling it would give me a whole new lease on creation, but my reluctance to accept change led to procrastination.  A few weeks ago I took the plunge and downloaded some tutorials and began my journey with 3D modelling.

The images above are a loft I’m working on for second life. I’m comfortable with the modelling side of things and I’ve learnt how to bake the shadows, create UV maps and the basics of texturing.  So now I need to enhance my skills and master it all.  It’s probably a good month away from release(time permitting), I intend to take my time and get it just right.

I wanted to give some words of encouragement to anyone who may be feeling somewhat over whelmed at the prospect of learning mesh. I choose to use Blender, it’s free, there’s a ton of support and lots of tutorials available.  I can truly say I never expected to be able learn blender let alone to produce something tangible. The first time I opened Blender I was totally overwhelmed, it was so foreign and looked like nothing I’d ever seen before. But, I persevered and started out with the very basic tutorials, learning the interface and the basics of modelling, playing around with the basic shapes until I was comfortable. From there I moved on to more advanced tutorials until I was confident enough to feel I could build something.  It’s still a foreign environment but it becomes more familiar with each session.  Possibly the hardest part is finding time to learn but the investment is worth it.  So I would say to you, persevere, go at your own speed, take your time, experiment and don’t give up, just go for it!

Following are some links to resources I’ve found useful.  The cgcookie architectural series helped me immensely; although the model you make doesn’t work for SL in terms of physics the tutorial itself teaches many valuable tools and allows you to learn to adapt your skills accordingly. I should add to complete the architectural series you need to pay a fee of $25US,but I found it was worth every penny.

I hope these will help you, have fun 🙂

Two New Designs

Two luxury homes which I created for the recent Home & Garden Expo are now available at Designer Prims.  Both come with furniture packs containing all the furnishings and accessories in the pics.  Both homes incorporate a Security Management System, designers window dressings, working on/off lighting and a texture change menu for the brick, accent walls, floors and more.  All animations are accessed via a simple menu and there are no silly pose balls to sit on.  Kitchens, pool, bathroom and garden are all animated and contain high end non static animations.

The Little Beach house is surprisingly spacious this cute little house packs all utilities into a compact 20×20 space.  The floor to ceiling glass windows and glass encased roof give you the feeling of space and openness.

Market Place:


A Place Less Ordinary – This is a large luxury home and as the name suggests it’s no ordinary place. The layout is fresh and open the indoor garden brings the feeling of the outdoors inside and gives a lovely rustic ambiance. The pool contains lots of animations to sunbathe, splash, jump, kick and mess about, the garden is also animated enabling you to plant, dig and garden.

Market Place:


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