I hate to admit it but I’ve been living under a rock it seems.  I was unaware of the recent situation of Gala Phoenix, one of SL’s original  skin artists. I’m still catching up.  If you are not aware please visit here and catch up as I have

An amazing group of SL’rs have put together at very short notice The One Voice Fundraiser, which is to support  Gala Phoenix and raise money for the imminent court case, court cases of this kind run to 10’s of thousands of US dollars.  It is my understanding from what I’ve read that all of Gala’s content has been removed by the lab and she is suffering a loss of income due to this.

As a creator of original content for SL this is a hugely distressing situation, if Gala doesn’t win this court case, we are all at risk of this kind of frivolous misuse of the law.  For personal reasons I can relate to Gala’s situation, as I have had the misfortune to be in similar situation myself, although not to this extent. There are people who have a blatant disrespect for the DMCA process, there are people willing to commit perjury to prove a point or a personal vendetta and it’s a painful and bewildering situation to find yourself in.

I wish Gala Phoenix all the very best, my thoughts and the thoughts of many others are with her.

Below is the slurl to the fund raiser and a link if you prefer to donate direct.  By assisting with this awful situation we are all assisting ourselves and hopfully alleviating the risk so this doesn’t happen again.  Help protect the content creators you love, help protect their IP and be apart of this.



New Release – Mesh Loft

Romantic Loft Space 100% Mesh – Includes Furniture Pack

It feels like I’ve been working on this design for months, but it’s really only been a few weeks. Learning 3D mesh is the most challenging thing I’ve done in my 4 Years of Second Life, but it’s well worth it.  Designer Prims Romantic Loft Space has huge feature windows with optional mesh blinds, semi wrap around balcony, exposed beams and lots of streaming sunlight. Baked shadows give this home a beautiful realistic ambiance. It is perfect for your small to average size plot.  And the best part the house is only 20prims, the house will rez with the center division book shelf (8 Prims) but it’s not linked, so you can delete it if you don’t require it.

The house is 30×16 and will fit a 1024 plot or larger

You can find it here;

Market Place:


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Renovation Innovation – MESH

Never one to be left behind in this innovative environment we call our Second Life, I’ve spent some time learning a whole new method of building, 3D Blender modelling. I’m the first to admit I don’t like change, however, I dislike missing out and being left behind far more than I dislike change and one the most important aspects of design is staying on top of innovation. I knew when I started to understand the intricacies of 3d modelling it would give me a whole new lease on creation, but my reluctance to accept change led to procrastination.  A few weeks ago I took the plunge and downloaded some tutorials and began my journey with 3D modelling.

The images above are a loft I’m working on for second life. I’m comfortable with the modelling side of things and I’ve learnt how to bake the shadows, create UV maps and the basics of texturing.  So now I need to enhance my skills and master it all.  It’s probably a good month away from release(time permitting), I intend to take my time and get it just right.

I wanted to give some words of encouragement to anyone who may be feeling somewhat over whelmed at the prospect of learning mesh. I choose to use Blender, it’s free, there’s a ton of support and lots of tutorials available.  I can truly say I never expected to be able learn blender let alone to produce something tangible. The first time I opened Blender I was totally overwhelmed, it was so foreign and looked like nothing I’d ever seen before. But, I persevered and started out with the very basic tutorials, learning the interface and the basics of modelling, playing around with the basic shapes until I was comfortable. From there I moved on to more advanced tutorials until I was confident enough to feel I could build something.  It’s still a foreign environment but it becomes more familiar with each session.  Possibly the hardest part is finding time to learn but the investment is worth it.  So I would say to you, persevere, go at your own speed, take your time, experiment and don’t give up, just go for it!

Following are some links to resources I’ve found useful.  The cgcookie architectural series helped me immensely; although the model you make doesn’t work for SL in terms of physics the tutorial itself teaches many valuable tools and allows you to learn to adapt your skills accordingly. I should add to complete the architectural series you need to pay a fee of $25US,but I found it was worth every penny.

I hope these will help you, have fun 🙂

Two New Designs

Two luxury homes which I created for the recent Home & Garden Expo are now available at Designer Prims.  Both come with furniture packs containing all the furnishings and accessories in the pics.  Both homes incorporate a Security Management System, designers window dressings, working on/off lighting and a texture change menu for the brick, accent walls, floors and more.  All animations are accessed via a simple menu and there are no silly pose balls to sit on.  Kitchens, pool, bathroom and garden are all animated and contain high end non static animations.

The Little Beach house is surprisingly spacious this cute little house packs all utilities into a compact 20×20 space.  The floor to ceiling glass windows and glass encased roof give you the feeling of space and openness.

Market Place:


A Place Less Ordinary – This is a large luxury home and as the name suggests it’s no ordinary place. The layout is fresh and open the indoor garden brings the feeling of the outdoors inside and gives a lovely rustic ambiance. The pool contains lots of animations to sunbathe, splash, jump, kick and mess about, the garden is also animated enabling you to plant, dig and garden.

Market Place:


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Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo

The Home & Garden Expo opened today, it’s important to note that this is not just the coming together of Second Lifes most amazing designers, but it’s an opportunity to raise a ton of money for Relay For Life. Designer Prims is once again honored to be invited to share a sim with Urbanized and What Next, two amazing themed sims creating a beautiful forest like environment to showcase some of SL’s most prominent designers.

This year the standards are incredibly high and there are some literally jaw dropping builds.  What Next has done an amazing job creating huge cardboard boxes to show case their designs, it’s a must see.  I have also fallen in love with L&K Prefabs, both are located on Sim2.  There is so much to see I can’t possibly mention all the amazingness, just get on over and take a look

Designer Prims has released 3 new designs, all proceeds of The Beach House and the Holiday Skyhome will go to RFL for the duration of the expo.

If you are a Home & Garden enthusiast you don’t want to miss this expo

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Designer Prims Makeover

I often update, makeover and just generally shoosh some of my older builds, mainly because they catch my eye and I find them somewhat cringe worthy by the standard of my work today.  So this weekend I looked at the Sunny Side Villa, a little house with great bones and I decided she deserved a make over.  I have trimmed off a few prims, included a texture change menu for the walls, floors and accent walls, animated the pool and updated the designer blinds.

I must confess I have far more fun renovating my SL designs than I do my RL house, I just finished plastering and gib stopping the bathroom of my RL villa, SL makeovers are much more fun, way less messy and so much quicker 🙂

See the villa and all the dets here;

Market Place:


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Two New Hunts @ Designer Prims

Designer Prims is participating in two hunts this month, two hunts = two free limited edition prefabs.  Hints are available at the landing point, have fun 🙂

Fist Pump With The Best 2:

Make Home Over:


Elle Crescendo

New @ Designer Prims Serendipity

A few weeks back a lovely customer (Paniagua Rubble) came to me to discuss a custom build I simply could not resist.  I am a little fussy about accepting custom work, mainly because I want to be certain I can deliver to the expectations of the client.  In this case the genre was a perfect fit and Paniagua was wonderful to work with, she knew what she wanted and she articulated it perfectly.  She provided me with pics and a cute little model to make my job a breeze.  We worked together and came up with Serendipity, Paniagua has her very own personalized verson of the home but she was kind enough to allow me to retain the intellectual property rights to the design and therefore I am able to offer it to you. A  big heartfelt thanks to Paniagua xx

Designer Prims Serendipity is a contemporary designer home, surrounded with floor to ceiling glass. This is the perfect home to set over the sea or lake because the animated infinity pool meets perfectly with sea level.

There is a texture change menu for walls and floors and you can create accent walls to make it your own or change your mind as often as you like. Deep foundations allow you to rez this over any terrain. Animated kitchen & bathroom are included.

You can find it here on the Market Place:

Or here inworld:

Elle Crescendo

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New Hunt Freebie – From Designer Prims

As I prepare for the change of season to Autumn the other half of the world is coming into spring.   So for the Mending Hearts hunt I thought what better way to mend a heart than to celebrate Spring.

Mending Hearts 18/03 – 1/04  Designer Prims gift is  the Spring Garden Set

Mod/Copy, Fully Animated, includes, Spring Motif, Loungers and Vases

Special thanks to Earth Nirvana of Be Hunted


Hunt Web Site:

Make Over -Poolhouse & Studio

Designer Prims Poolhouse & Studio was built in 2009 and has been one of Designer Prims most popular items, so I thought the poor old thing deserved a Make Over.  The layout and style of this Designer Prims classic remains the same. I’ve added some beautiful modern textures and a texture change menu so you can change the brick and floors with just one click,  I’ve added high end animations to the pool and spa pool, I’ve also added an animated kitchen, updated the garden and just generally shooshed the design not to mention it’s now a mere 99 prims for the basic house.

You can find it on the Market Place here;

Or see inworld here;

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