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Little Cute Things

These are just too cute, I had to make them, available now at Designer Prims 25L Mod and Copy, go get em

Your Taxi http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy



Designer Prims Hunt Freebies

It’s been a while since I participated in any hunts mainly because mesh goodies take so long to make and I’ve run short on time. But making up for lost time I am excited to show you items from two hunts I’m involved with currently.  Be quick because one is about to end and I forgot to blog it, so I’ll leave it out a little longer to make up for my utter slackness 🙂


What Do You Sell Hunt – Closes 03/09

The Cookie Jar Falling Leaves Hunt – 3rd Oct to 24th

Kiss Your Future Pitsch

UrbaniZed 50% Sale

Sadly Pitsch Parx is closing his Urbanized store and offering a one off 50% discount on most of his stock. Pitsch is one of a handful of people I would call a friend in Second Life one of the most honest and genuine souls you could ever wish to meet. I recall being star struck when he first arrived at the little mall I was managing looking for a store and trust me, I’m never ever star struck, but I was, well, blushing that day, but Pitsch is such a down to earth person you can’t help feel at ease in his company.  Over the last few years Pitsch has been supportive & encouraging, pushing me to do better and sometimes shoving me (just gently) outside my comfort zone, for which I am eternally grateful.  Pitsch is a truly genuine creator who has helped so many new designers on their way.  Never influenced by others, definitely not a follower, always just Pitsch.

Hopefully Pitsch will wave his magic design wand upon the real world and make it a more beautiful place. “Kiss The Future” – Have a great & stylish RL Pitsch, you will be missed !

Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up some truly unique pieces of art before they are forever gone at a 50% discount.


Until Friday September 14th

New Release – Luxury Home

With Aroha (Love)

If you read this blog you will likely know that I’m from New Zealand, Aroha is Maori for love and it seemed liked an apt name fo rthis home because all my designs come from a place Aroha.

‘With Aroha’ is my second mesh design it is an open plan,spacious and airy home, which lends itself beautifully to natural light. It’s modern and contemporary but still utilises some cozy little corners like the book nook.

The outdoor area is perfect for entertaining, with two patio areas, one for lazy days by the pool and the other is great for BBQ’s and bubbles.

Almost everything is fully animated the pool, book nook, ladder, kitchen and outdoor furniture (which is included).  There is a texture change menu so you can change the textures of the windows, floors, patio, brick, garden furniture, window seat and accent wall. So you can really customise this design to your own tastes either by cycling through the preordained textures or adding your own to the menu.

The house is only 53 prims, it will rez at 122 prims with the book nook (including books, cushions and accessories), kitchen, plants (patioand back of stairs) and outdoor furniture.  All of these things are not linked and considered accessories so you can simply delete them if you have no use for them or are prim conscious.

More Info here: http://issuu.com/avenue/docs/avenue.september2012/186

View Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/27/143/25

Or online at the Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-With-Aroha-Love-Boxed/3915836

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Poor Charlotte (Cyber Bullying)


You may have read about Charlotte Dawson and her stand against cyber bullying esp if you are from down under like I am.  Charlotte originally from New Zealand recently outed a cyber bully/troll who made unacceptable remarks regarding suicide and Charlotte called her out on it.   This encouraged the troll to tell Charlotte she should kill herself. Charlotte tracked the troll down to her place of work and confronted her, she also contacted her employer, resulting in the troll’s suspension from her place of employment.  Sadly this resulted in hundreds of nasty tweets aimed at Charlotte, from people who felt she shouldn’t have outed this low life.  It seems it was all too much for Charlotte and she was hospitalised yesterday.

Despite the fact that Charlotte was somewhat unpleasant about her Homeland, which also happens to be mine, I want to congratulate Charlotte.  This is subject very personal to me and dear to my heart because I have been the victim of cyber bullying myself, by a very malicious, devious and particularly vicious individual who was utterly relentless in her quest.  You can simply turn off your computer, however when you have a business that is perpetuated in some aspects by social media, it’s not quite so easy to do and frankly why the hell should you.  It was frightening and intimidating and I wish I’d had the courage Charlotte has demonstrated.   I know how this feels, it’s awful.  I wish Charlotte all the very best and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

This is and example of what can happen when bullys and trolls go to far, it’s a very real phenomenon and I for one will be extremely happy to see laws around this stuff and for these sorts individuals to be made accountable in real life for their actions on the internet.  There is one thing you can take comfort in and that’s this; cyber bully’s and trolls have far to much time on their hands, they are insecure cowards who really ought to get a life!


I hate to admit it but I’ve been living under a rock it seems.  I was unaware of the recent situation of Gala Phoenix, one of SL’s original  skin artists. I’m still catching up.  If you are not aware please visit here and catch up as I have http://salomesays.com/blog/2012/06/the-curio-skin-scandal/

An amazing group of SL’rs have put together at very short notice The One Voice Fundraiser, which is to support  Gala Phoenix and raise money for the imminent court case, court cases of this kind run to 10’s of thousands of US dollars.  It is my understanding from what I’ve read that all of Gala’s content has been removed by the lab and she is suffering a loss of income due to this.

As a creator of original content for SL this is a hugely distressing situation, if Gala doesn’t win this court case, we are all at risk of this kind of frivolous misuse of the law.  For personal reasons I can relate to Gala’s situation, as I have had the misfortune to be in similar situation myself, although not to this extent. There are people who have a blatant disrespect for the DMCA process, there are people willing to commit perjury to prove a point or a personal vendetta and it’s a painful and bewildering situation to find yourself in.

I wish Gala Phoenix all the very best, my thoughts and the thoughts of many others are with her.

Below is the slurl to the fund raiser and a link if you prefer to donate direct.  By assisting with this awful situation we are all assisting ourselves and hopfully alleviating the risk so this doesn’t happen again.  Help protect the content creators you love, help protect their IP and be apart of this.

SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mesh/92/84/22


New Release – Mesh Loft

Romantic Loft Space 100% Mesh – Includes Furniture Pack

It feels like I’ve been working on this design for months, but it’s really only been a few weeks. Learning 3D mesh is the most challenging thing I’ve done in my 4 Years of Second Life, but it’s well worth it.  Designer Prims Romantic Loft Space has huge feature windows with optional mesh blinds, semi wrap around balcony, exposed beams and lots of streaming sunlight. Baked shadows give this home a beautiful realistic ambiance. It is perfect for your small to average size plot.  And the best part the house is only 20prims, the house will rez with the center division book shelf (8 Prims) but it’s not linked, so you can delete it if you don’t require it.

The house is 30×16 and will fit a 1024 plot or larger

You can find it here;

Market Place:  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-Romantic-Loft-Space-Mesh/3708644

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/94/107/3498

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Two New Designs

Two luxury homes which I created for the recent Home & Garden Expo are now available at Designer Prims.  Both come with furniture packs containing all the furnishings and accessories in the pics.  Both homes incorporate a Security Management System, designers window dressings, working on/off lighting and a texture change menu for the brick, accent walls, floors and more.  All animations are accessed via a simple menu and there are no silly pose balls to sit on.  Kitchens, pool, bathroom and garden are all animated and contain high end non static animations.

The Little Beach house is surprisingly spacious this cute little house packs all utilities into a compact 20×20 space.  The floor to ceiling glass windows and glass encased roof give you the feeling of space and openness.

Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-Little-Beach-House-Prefab-House/3570383

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/236/149/22

A Place Less Ordinary – This is a large luxury home and as the name suggests it’s no ordinary place. The layout is fresh and open the indoor garden brings the feeling of the outdoors inside and gives a lovely rustic ambiance. The pool contains lots of animations to sunbathe, splash, jump, kick and mess about, the garden is also animated enabling you to plant, dig and garden.

Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-A-Place-Less-Ordinary-House-Home-Prefab/3570236

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/202/107/23

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Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo

The Home & Garden Expo opened today, it’s important to note that this is not just the coming together of Second Lifes most amazing designers, but it’s an opportunity to raise a ton of money for Relay For Life. Designer Prims is once again honored to be invited to share a sim with Urbanized and What Next, two amazing themed sims creating a beautiful forest like environment to showcase some of SL’s most prominent designers.

This year the standards are incredibly high and there are some literally jaw dropping builds.  What Next has done an amazing job creating huge cardboard boxes to show case their designs, it’s a must see.  I have also fallen in love with L&K Prefabs, both are located on Sim2.  There is so much to see I can’t possibly mention all the amazingness, just get on over and take a look

Designer Prims has released 3 new designs, all proceeds of The Beach House and the Holiday Skyhome will go to RFL for the duration of the expo.

If you are a Home & Garden enthusiast you don’t want to miss this expo



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Two New Hunts @ Designer Prims

Designer Prims is participating in two hunts this month, two hunts = two free limited edition prefabs.  Hints are available at the landing point, have fun 🙂

Fist Pump With The Best 2: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/205/145/21

Make Home Over: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/205/145/21


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