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No Place I’d Rather Be

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand, so I have some extra time on my hands to finish up a design I started a little while ago. Designer Prims No Place I’d Rather Be, is a beautiful designer home with the animated pool being the central focus point.  There are two great patios surrounding the pool with access from all aspects of the home.  The home is open, light and spacious, come see.

SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/226/49/24

Market Place https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/No-Place-Id-Rather-Be-Prefab-House-Home/3135314

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Designer Prims Urban Convictions

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An urban contemporary designer home. The layout of this home is open, fresh, light, and roomy with a slight rustic feel. There is large deck and pool area and an addition balcony off the kitchen area. Feature full length windows throughout allow you to enjoy the outdoors and take in the views. Baked shadow textures give this home a realistic feel. The interactive texture change menu means home owners will have the option to change brick, tiles, floors and the ability to create accent walls. If you prefer no accent wall you can choose ‘none’ from the menu and the natural brick of your selection will be displayed.

The designer blinds are both functional, aesthetic and practical with open/closed or glass options in a variety of colour choices, they can be operated on a room by room basis, closed option provides full privacy.


-Security locking mangement system

-Texture change menu for floors and walls, tiles, accent walls

-Simple Rez Foo Faux

-Animated Pool

-Animated Kitchen

-Lots of lighting

Lots of Animations – click sit on the water – Click Sit on the Kitchen – Running water, touch taps -Foo Faux Rezz system making it simple to rezz and place

See Inworld :http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/35/97/24

Market Place: marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-Urban-Convict…

Simply Black & White

I bought my first RL house back in the 80’s, I had it built for me, which meant I got to choose everything, from walls, floors, fittings and kitchen down to the colour of the window framing.  Back then the trend was all about pastels and florals, but I rebelled the trend and went with black and white, I’ve always loved the striking contrast of pure white against black.  The building company was so impressed with the black and white kitchen I designed they featured it in their marketing brochure.

I’ve been through many phases and trends in RL decorating and renovating, Mediterranean, even a brief stint of shabby chic, but I have always favoured a neutral pallet. I maintain it’s simple to toss a few coloured cushions and accessories into the mix, but not so simple to repaint a room. In RL I am known for wearing any colour as long as it’s black haha!

So it would seem things have gone full circle and I find myself once again leaning toward black and white.  Of course if black and white is not your thing, there is the texture change menu so you can create your own accent walls; I have gone with the black  and gray accents in this series of pics.

Urban Retro Prefab; now available at designer prims in world or on the maket place, come see;

Slurl: Single http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/18/135/24

Market Place: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-Urban-Retro-Prefab-House-Home-Loft/2977704

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My Love Of Shutters

In 2009 I bought my first set of sculpted shutters and used them in my Converted boat shed and The Ellesville and since then I’ve had an absolute love of shutters, incorporating them throughout my designs. Either as room dividers or feature walls and the Summer Beach House is no exception.

I’ve been a little slow in my blogging of late; The new sim lay out as allowed space for a few more designs. Designer Prims Summer Beach House is a two story home, with an open mezzanine floor leading to the bedroom wing. There is a large deck and pool area at the front for outdoor entertaining and a private patio off the bedroom the pool features lots of fun animations for floating, treading water and sunbathing. Like all homes there is interactive one touch texture change menu allowing you to change the walls and floors at a single click. 

See Here Inworld : slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/17/141/24

MarketPlace : marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/43001

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Contentment At Last

The past 12 months have been hard for me, suffering from depression, something I’m not prone to, but with the estrangement of my son, times have been rough.  Having my beautiful son back in my life has given me a new lease on life and has indeed completed me.  Second Life has been a safe haven for me, somewhere I could hide out when the seemingly big bad world was to much for me.  For the most part it’s been a god send, although not without  trial, there were times Second Life was not a safe place for me and it was at times unhealthy for me to log on.  I had to walk away from my lap top and the world outside seemed a safer place.  The last thing I needed was to be fearful in a place I needed peace.   However, I’ve come through it all, inworld and out, I am at peace in both worlds.  Never allow others to bring you down or make you question who you are, in any realm. There is a way through, it’s a long road, but one worth walking.

With that said, this home represents a turning point for me, I have enjoyed building it in peace and serenity without the trials of the past.  Contentment is a beautiful two level home, with a lovely patio area that has a calming relaxing ambiance, texture change menu and an animated swimming pool.  Come see http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/23/7/24

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New @ Designer Prims

Madison Skybox, is a spacious skybox with living areas and large bedroom space and two patios. Baked light shadows give a beautiful ambience to this space.  It has an interactive one click texture menu, change the floors walls and doors so you can change the look and feel of the home in an instant. Included in the texture menu is a graffiti wall and a grunge wall, you can also choose no grunge and no graffiti.

The window sill in the living area is animated, so you can sit, read or lay in the sun, it sits two AV’s.


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Retribution – Coming Soon @ Designer Prims

Retribution is the first in 3 new designs coming soon to Designer Prims, this home has a distinctly Mediterranean feel.  It’s large,  multi leveled, open plan with 2 wings,  2 bedrooms (or 1 and an office), 2 bathrooms and lots and lots of outdoor living space.  There is a large pool to the back full of amazing animations and of course it has my innovative  texture change menu for walls, floors, decking and accents.  The shell will be around 124 prims, so nice and low.  Currently undergoing  testing and adding lighting……………….Release will be this Saturday

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Designer Prims – Industrial Grunge

Industrial Grunge……or not, you can make this home as pristine and new or as old and grunge as you’d like by using the texture change menu for walls, floors, grafitti and accents.  Change the windows from industrial broken glass to open or closed blinds or sashed windows. See inworld here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/175/129/22

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