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Kiss Your Future Pitsch

UrbaniZed 50% Sale

Sadly Pitsch Parx is closing his Urbanized store and offering a one off 50% discount on most of his stock. Pitsch is one of a handful of people I would call a friend in Second Life one of the most honest and genuine souls you could ever wish to meet. I recall being star struck when he first arrived at the little mall I was managing looking for a store and trust me, I’m never ever star struck, but I was, well, blushing that day, but Pitsch is such a down to earth person you can’t help feel at ease in his company.  Over the last few years Pitsch has been supportive & encouraging, pushing me to do better and sometimes shoving me (just gently) outside my comfort zone, for which I am eternally grateful.  Pitsch is a truly genuine creator who has helped so many new designers on their way.  Never influenced by others, definitely not a follower, always just Pitsch.

Hopefully Pitsch will wave his magic design wand upon the real world and make it a more beautiful place. “Kiss The Future” – Have a great & stylish RL Pitsch, you will be missed !

Don’t miss this opportunity to pick up some truly unique pieces of art before they are forever gone at a 50% discount.


Until Friday September 14th


2011 Home & Garden Expo

I am honored to share a sim at the 2011 Home & Garden Expo with good friends and to be surrounded by some of Second Lifes most incredible designers. I wanted to share a few pics with you from our sim, which was magically designed by Pitsch Parx, I say magically because I arrived and all the work was done, thank you Pitsch

Urbanized Designs; By Pitsch Parx

ReBourne Prefabs; By Danny Bourne

La’Licious Designs; By Amaliscious Destiny Thank you for helping calm my nerves 🙂

Our lake and park area