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Designer Prims Hunt Gift (out now)


Designer Prims Little Getaway (100% Mesh)

cold winter

Designer Prims is happy to be part of the Cold Winters Night hunt. This is not a freebie hunt but for a mere 10L you can pick up this cute little getaway. Features include on/off shutters, texture change menu for floors and brick, built in shelving and accessories and super low prims. The hint is near the landing point

HINT: Where waves crash and sunbeams hit the ground there is treasure to be found



Poor Charlotte (Cyber Bullying)


You may have read about Charlotte Dawson and her stand against cyber bullying esp if you are from down under like I am.  Charlotte originally from New Zealand recently outed a cyber bully/troll who made unacceptable remarks regarding suicide and Charlotte called her out on it.   This encouraged the troll to tell Charlotte she should kill herself. Charlotte tracked the troll down to her place of work and confronted her, she also contacted her employer, resulting in the troll’s suspension from her place of employment.  Sadly this resulted in hundreds of nasty tweets aimed at Charlotte, from people who felt she shouldn’t have outed this low life.  It seems it was all too much for Charlotte and she was hospitalised yesterday.

Despite the fact that Charlotte was somewhat unpleasant about her Homeland, which also happens to be mine, I want to congratulate Charlotte.  This is subject very personal to me and dear to my heart because I have been the victim of cyber bullying myself, by a very malicious, devious and particularly vicious individual who was utterly relentless in her quest.  You can simply turn off your computer, however when you have a business that is perpetuated in some aspects by social media, it’s not quite so easy to do and frankly why the hell should you.  It was frightening and intimidating and I wish I’d had the courage Charlotte has demonstrated.   I know how this feels, it’s awful.  I wish Charlotte all the very best and I hope she has a speedy recovery.

This is and example of what can happen when bullys and trolls go to far, it’s a very real phenomenon and I for one will be extremely happy to see laws around this stuff and for these sorts individuals to be made accountable in real life for their actions on the internet.  There is one thing you can take comfort in and that’s this; cyber bully’s and trolls have far to much time on their hands, they are insecure cowards who really ought to get a life!


I hate to admit it but I’ve been living under a rock it seems.  I was unaware of the recent situation of Gala Phoenix, one of SL’s original  skin artists. I’m still catching up.  If you are not aware please visit here and catch up as I have http://salomesays.com/blog/2012/06/the-curio-skin-scandal/

An amazing group of SL’rs have put together at very short notice The One Voice Fundraiser, which is to support  Gala Phoenix and raise money for the imminent court case, court cases of this kind run to 10’s of thousands of US dollars.  It is my understanding from what I’ve read that all of Gala’s content has been removed by the lab and she is suffering a loss of income due to this.

As a creator of original content for SL this is a hugely distressing situation, if Gala doesn’t win this court case, we are all at risk of this kind of frivolous misuse of the law.  For personal reasons I can relate to Gala’s situation, as I have had the misfortune to be in similar situation myself, although not to this extent. There are people who have a blatant disrespect for the DMCA process, there are people willing to commit perjury to prove a point or a personal vendetta and it’s a painful and bewildering situation to find yourself in.

I wish Gala Phoenix all the very best, my thoughts and the thoughts of many others are with her.

Below is the slurl to the fund raiser and a link if you prefer to donate direct.  By assisting with this awful situation we are all assisting ourselves and hopfully alleviating the risk so this doesn’t happen again.  Help protect the content creators you love, help protect their IP and be apart of this.

SLURL http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mesh/92/84/22


Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo

The Home & Garden Expo opened today, it’s important to note that this is not just the coming together of Second Lifes most amazing designers, but it’s an opportunity to raise a ton of money for Relay For Life. Designer Prims is once again honored to be invited to share a sim with Urbanized and What Next, two amazing themed sims creating a beautiful forest like environment to showcase some of SL’s most prominent designers.

This year the standards are incredibly high and there are some literally jaw dropping builds.  What Next has done an amazing job creating huge cardboard boxes to show case their designs, it’s a must see.  I have also fallen in love with L&K Prefabs, both are located on Sim2.  There is so much to see I can’t possibly mention all the amazingness, just get on over and take a look

Designer Prims has released 3 new designs, all proceeds of The Beach House and the Holiday Skyhome will go to RFL for the duration of the expo.

If you are a Home & Garden enthusiast you don’t want to miss this expo



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Two New Hunts @ Designer Prims

Designer Prims is participating in two hunts this month, two hunts = two free limited edition prefabs.  Hints are available at the landing point, have fun 🙂

Fist Pump With The Best 2: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/205/145/21

Make Home Over: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/205/145/21


Elle Crescendo

New Hunt Freebie – From Designer Prims

As I prepare for the change of season to Autumn the other half of the world is coming into spring.   So for the Mending Hearts hunt I thought what better way to mend a heart than to celebrate Spring.

Mending Hearts 18/03 – 1/04  Designer Prims gift is  the Spring Garden Set

Mod/Copy, Fully Animated, includes, Spring Motif, Loungers and Vases

Special thanks to Earth Nirvana of Be Hunted


Hunt Web Site:  http://4stores2behunted.wordpress.com/

Back To Black

This event is so personal to me and I can’t thank the team at Chic Management enough for being so forth coming about the material.

On the 11th of February Chic Management opens its doors for a very special event, an awareness champagne for Mental Health.  I have personally suffered with clinical depression on and off for many years, often completely unaware of it, I was just depressed ,that’s normal right?  Well I thought so for a very long time.

Designers have been given a special inspirational word and have been asked to create original content based on the inspirational word.  I was given Comfort, which is perfect for me in more ways than one.  After a long struggle comfort is what I have found.  As a prefab designer comfort was the perfect inspiration for me, because during my darkest hours home was always the place that afforded me the most comfort.

Designers are also given the option to share their personal experience if they wish, I have chosen to give a very candid recollection of my own private struggle and how I overcame it, I have written up a note card and it comes with both of items at the event.  My wish is that by doing so I can give at least one person hope.

This is an event, it’s not a freebie hunt,  I have elected to give any and all proceeds of my design to charity, even if you don’t make a purchase please visit the Back To Black event, there is a ton of information available and I’ve included an inspiration freebie which also contains my personal story.

I also want to thank Keira Seerosev and Chic Management for their passion and bravery and for delivering this incredibly important message to the community.


Opens Feb 11th http://slurl.com/secondlife/CHIC/86/105/27

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Fab Feb Freebies @ Designer Prims

This month Designer Prims is part of two fabulous hunts; Februalcious and Home Is Where The Heart is.  Both are starting 1 Feb that’s TODAY, yay!

Februalicious- designers were asked to create an item that represented what February meant them.  For me, living in New Zealand, February is the height of summer, so I thought what better than a modern beach cabin

Home is where the heart is- this hunt is organised by the amazing Whiz Wonder and Prim Perfect magazine. So I created the Chic Abode

Both of these cute little homes have a texture change menu, security management system and low prims

Don’t’ miss it

SLURL: slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/214/151/21

No Place I’d Rather Be

It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand, so I have some extra time on my hands to finish up a design I started a little while ago. Designer Prims No Place I’d Rather Be, is a beautiful designer home with the animated pool being the central focus point.  There are two great patios surrounding the pool with access from all aspects of the home.  The home is open, light and spacious, come see.

SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/226/49/24

Market Place https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/No-Place-Id-Rather-Be-Prefab-House-Home/3135314

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Designer Prims Urban Convictions

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An urban contemporary designer home. The layout of this home is open, fresh, light, and roomy with a slight rustic feel. There is large deck and pool area and an addition balcony off the kitchen area. Feature full length windows throughout allow you to enjoy the outdoors and take in the views. Baked shadow textures give this home a realistic feel. The interactive texture change menu means home owners will have the option to change brick, tiles, floors and the ability to create accent walls. If you prefer no accent wall you can choose ‘none’ from the menu and the natural brick of your selection will be displayed.

The designer blinds are both functional, aesthetic and practical with open/closed or glass options in a variety of colour choices, they can be operated on a room by room basis, closed option provides full privacy.


-Security locking mangement system

-Texture change menu for floors and walls, tiles, accent walls

-Simple Rez Foo Faux

-Animated Pool

-Animated Kitchen

-Lots of lighting

Lots of Animations – click sit on the water – Click Sit on the Kitchen – Running water, touch taps -Foo Faux Rezz system making it simple to rezz and place

See Inworld :http://slurl.com/secondlife/Dreamy%20Isle/35/97/24

Market Place: marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Designer-Prims-Urban-Convict…